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Free Component Evaluations

Multi-Seals offers a free evaluation of components for sealing with our epoxy preforms.

To take advantage of this offer, simply send us the following:

Send your components and sealing details to the following address:

    Epoxy Sealing Evaluation
    540 North Main Street
    Manchester, CT 06042

We will conduct evaluations of your component to recommend preform configurations and cure schedules, and we will return your parts sealed along with samples of preforms used in our evaluations.

If you wish to share details of your application before sending us parts, please email us at sales@multi-seals.com, call (860)643-7188, or complete and send the form below:

* Required

Evaluations are also available for our Poly-form Adhesive Films and Wash-Aways Dissolvable Spacers.

If you prefer to conduct your own evaluations, please email us at sales@multi-seals.com or call (860)643-7188 to discuss your sealing or bonding requirements. We will send you custom samples at no charge.

Multi-Seals, Inc.
540 North Main Street
Manchester, CT 06042
T: (860)643-7188


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