Poly-forms Adhesive Films
Industries Served

Poly-form flexible adhesive preforms can be pre-shaped into unlimited configurations, making Poly-forms the no-mix, no-mess solution for a broad range of components. Industries served include manufacturers of connectors, switches, optoelectronics, automotive assemblies, appliances, medical devices, test and measurement equipment, textiles, furniture, and recreational equipment.

Poly-form F05 is a no-flow system. F05’s restricted flow minimizes seal spread for precision bond lines in such applications as joining sub-assemblies, securing lids to cases, or affixing lenses in optical assemblies without obscuring apertures.

Poly-form F08 is flowing adhesive system. F08 is designed for applications that require seal coverage and permeation such as sealing or potting switches, connectors and other electromechanical devices as well as sealing fluid dispensing and hydraulic assemblies.

Because Poly-form are flexible, they can be pre-shaped in large and complex configurations to accommodate multi-pin connectors, intricate manifold paths, or irregular housings. Our precision preforming also allows Multi-Seals to produce much smaller preforms for micro and nano electronic assemblies.

Given the range of shapes and sizes, Poly-forms can provide a sealing or bonding solution for nearly any industry.

connector sealed with Poly-form flexible adhesive preforms and array of pre-formed seals in a variety of shapes and sizes

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