Wash-Aways Dissolvable Spacers Systems

Wash-Aways Dissolving Spacer System AWP-75 is an organic polymer that disintegrates in hot water or alcohol. After dissolving in most solvent baths that remove solder flux, AWP-75 leaves consistent spacing between PCB components and printed circuit boards.

Unlike salt spacers, sugar spacers, or soap spacers, AWP-75 contains no ionizable material, salts, sugars, metals, or soaps. It is non-corrosive, non-conductive, and non-toxic.

AWP-75 dissolving times depend upon Wash-Away spacer size and water temperature. Typical dissolving times are listed below:

  Wash-Aways Thickness**
.020" .030" .060"
Diameter** .070" 2-6 Seconds 3-9 Seconds -
.140" 5-10 Seconds 7-18 Seconds 10-52 Seconds
.370" 6-18 Seconds 16-36 Seconds 25-80 Seconds
*Dissolving times in hot water (140°F. Alcohol requires longer rinses.
**Many other configurations are available.
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