About Multi-Seals, Inc.

Multi-Seals, Inc. was founded in 1982 in Boston, Massachusetts, and is located today in Manchester, Connecticut USA. MSI manufactures and supplies Uni-forms precision epoxy preforms, Poly-forms flexible adhesive films, and Wash-Aways dissolvable spacers to aerospace, appliance, automotive, fiber-optic, marine, military, and medical industries worldwide.

Uni-forms precision epoxy preforms are molded B-staged epoxies available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and systems to accommodate diverse sealing and potting applications.

Poly-forms adhesive films are flexible pre-shaped copolymers designed for bonding diverse materials, including metals, plastics, and glass. Like Uni-forms, Poly-forms eliminate the mess associated with liquid adhesive dispensing.

In addition to supplying Uni-forms and Poly-forms, Multi-Seals also offers component sealing services with both adhesive preform products.

Multi-Seals also manufactures Wash-Aways dissolvable spacers for maintaining consistent spacing between printed circuit boards and PCB components.

Multi-Seals is proud to provide the highest quality products and services. Our precision products are manufactured and inspected to close tolerances to ensure repeatable, dependable results. We also provide thorough pre-sale and post-sale support to promote high levels of customer satisfaction.

Please contact us to learn more about Multi-Seals and how our company can help your company.

Multi-Seals, Inc.
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