Uni-forms Epoxy Preforms
Advantages to Liquid Epoxy

liquid epoxy splatLiquid epoxy is messy, inconsistent, time-consuming, and has a limited pot life.

epoxy preform ringUni-forms epoxy preforms are clean, consistent, quickly dispensed, and have no pot life limitations. Uniform results make Uni-forms the no-mix, no-mess solution to liquid epoxy problems

Multi-Seals‘ one-part epoxy resins are solid at room temperature. When heated, they melt and cure, forming a consistent seal that protects components from dust, moisture, oil, flux, industrial cleaning solvents, conformal coatings, and other contaminants. Fully cured epoxy seals will not reflow when exposed to subsequent elevated temperatures. Read more to discover why Uni-form epoxy preforms are an innovative alternative to liquid epoxy.

Big liquid epoxy splat

Liquid Problems

Uni-form epoxy ring

Solid Solutions

liquid epoxy splatDrips

Liquid epoxy drips from syringes onto contacts or other unwanted areas of a component.

Uni-form epoxy ringNo Drips

Uni-forms are pre-shaped. They remain solid until they are heated, so epoxy flows only onto desired component features.

liquid epoxy splatMix Variations

Mixing and metering variations cause variations in liquid epoxy performance.

Uni-form epoxy ringNo Mix Required

Multi-Seals predetermines the ratio of catalyst to resin to produce a complete one-component system. Results are predictable and consistent.

liquid epoxy splatViscosity Creep

Liquid epoxy continues to polymerize as it is dispensed. This causes equipment clogs and variations in viscosity and seal quality.

Uni-form epoxy ringViscosity Consistency

The viscosity of Uni-forms remains consistent from seal to seal, batch to batch. The millionth seal will look the same as the first seal.

liquid epoxy splatPot Life

When liquid epoxy is not dispensed within pot life parameters, dispensing equipment can become clogged. Any mixed and unused two-part epoxy must be discarded.

Uni-form epoxy ringNo Pot Life Restrictions

Uni-forms have no pot life concerns. Unused material is simply saved until it is required for the next production run.

liquid epoxy splatPoor Inventory Control

Liquid epoxy creates poor inventory control. Operators have difficulty estimating the exact amount of liquid epoxy required to seal a given batch of components. A large percentage of epoxy is wasted by misdispensing, improper mixing, clogged needles, or operator error.

Uni-form epoxy ringSimple Inventory Control

Uni-forms simplify inventory control. Determining the number of preforms required for a given batch is as simple as determining the number of required seals.

liquid epoxy splatSlow Manual Dispensing

Manually dispensing liquid epoxy is time and labor intensive.

Uni-form epoxy ringRapid Manual Dispensing

Uni-forms can be manually dispensed at rates that far exceed manually dispensed liquids.

liquid epoxy splatExpensive Automated Dispensing

Automated dispensing systems for liquid epoxy are often expensive and require extensive operator instruction. Most equipment is prone to clogging and pot life concerns. Constant adjustments for epoxy viscosity variations, clogs, and air entrapment require highly skilled labor to run and maintain dispensing equipment.

Uni-form epoxy ringAffordable Automated Dispensing

Uni-forms are well suited for a variety of automatic or semi-automatic equipment. Templates, Pick & Place, and Bowl Fed Gravity Tracks are all practical methods for loading Uni-forms. Automated loading rates can range from 200 to 600 ppm, depending on loader, component, and preforms design.

liquid epoxy splatVariable Quality

Liquid epoxy seals vary in shape, size, and location, causing variations in seal performance and quality. Epoxy drips on critical component areas jeopardize product performance.

Uni-form epoxy ringPrecision Quality

Tight dimensional tolerances and viscosity consistency ensure repeatable, high-quality seals. Precise, consistent results contribute to product quality.

liquid epoxy splatCostly

Expensive dispensing equipment, time-consuming procedures, skilled labor, wasted epoxy, scrapped components, and product returns from seal failures add high expenses to liquid epoxy dispensing.

Uni-form epoxy ringCost-Effective

Affordable loaders, inventory efficiency, reduced labor, minimal or no scrap, and product return prevention minimize the hidden costs often associated with epoxy sealing.

liquid epoxy splatDifficult Pre-Cure Removal

Once liquid epoxy is dispensed, it cannot be easily removed from unwanted areas. As it starts to cure, reworking becomes increasingly difficult.

Uni-form epoxy ringSimple Pre-Cure Removal

Uncured Uni-forms are easily removed from components, allowing for greater flexibility and reducing the number of scrapped parts.

liquid epoxy splatMessy Cleanup

Liquid epoxy usually requires extensive cleanup procedures, including the use of toxic solvents and the disposal of epoxy waste.

Uni-form epoxy ringSimple Cleanup

Uni-form epoxy preforms require minimal cleanup procedures. Preform residue is easily swept up. Handling equipment need only be wiped down once or twice a week.

Let Us Help.

Multi-Seals offers engineering samples at no charge for qualification on your component. We will also conduct a free evaluation of your component for sealing with our epoxy preforms. Contact us today to discuss your requirement.

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