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Poly-forms preformed adhesives in various shapes and sizes sealing connectors

Flexible adhesive films for sealing and bonding.

Receive introductory samples or custom seal configurations for your specific component.

Poly-form flexible adhesive seal samples in a variety of shapes and sizes Receive Samples

Let us conduct a free evaluation of your component for sealing with our adhesive preforms.

Flexible Poly-form adhesive sealing a d-sub connector Free Evaluation

Poly-forms are available in a range of pre-shaped epoxy configurations. See typical sizes and shapes.

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We have developed adhesive systems for diverse applications. Read more about our flexible adhesives.

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MULTI-SEALS Poly-forms are custom-shaped flexible adhesive films that seal and bond diverse materials, including metals, plastics, silicon, glass, and ceramics.

Consistent Adhesive Seals

Multi-Seals manufactures Poly-forms adhesive preforms to close dimensional tolerances. The pre-shaped seals eliminate variations caused by operator technique. Plus, the co-polymer formulations are premixed. So seal flow is consistent from batch to batch and from beginning to end of production runs. This ensures uniform, high-quality adhesive bonds and seals.

Clean Adhesive Dispensing

Pre-shaped adhesive seals prevent drips and dispensing inconsistencies typical of liquid adhesives. Post-production cleanup is simple. There are no syringes to clean and no need for toxic solvents.

Custom Seals and Bonds

Poly-forms are available in wide range of custom shapes and sizes. They can be as simple as rings or disks. However, they are also available in far more complex shapes with multiple inside diameters. The adhesive seals can be small enough for sub-miniature connectors or long enough for large component housings. Adhesive systems are available in a no-flow formulation for minimal adhesive spread or a flowing system for permeation. This ensures repeatable seals and bonds custom-made for your component and industry.

Fast Production Rates

Poly-forms increase production rates. They are easily loaded by hand. And they are suitable for automated loading devices.

For a comparison of Poly-form preformed adhesives to liquid adhesives, see Adhesive Film Advantages. Learn why our preformed adhesives are the solid solution to the drips, clogs, and inconsistencies of liquid sealants.

Multi-Seals offers engineering samples at no charge for qualification on your component. We will also conduct a free evaluation of your component for sealing with our epoxy preforms. Contact us today to discuss your requirement.

Learn how to use Poly-forms Flexible Adhesive Preforms:

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